Sunday, September 26, 2004

Worst Weekend Ever.

I've been feelin' like crap all weekend. It started out Friday morning with a bit of a sore throat, and quickly became a full-blown assault on my immune system. What is worse, is that I worked all day Saturday cleaning a furnace system. Oh but wait, it wasn't just one furnace system, it was four friggin furnace systems in one building! GRRRRRRRR!
I hate cleaning ducts. Hate it hate it hate it. I have ever since I did it the first time, and my feelings have not changed one bit. I never want to do it again, and I'm actually going to have to tell my boss that. I'm not sure what the result of that move will be, but I'mm willing to take the heat in order to avoid doing it again.
My fellow co-worker doesn't mind them so much, but for him it is understandable. First, he makes a heck of a lot more money than I do. Second, it is a welcome switch from cleaning carpets all day, every day. Third, it doesn't cause him any stress because he knows exactly what to do and when to do it. He has taken apart a million furnaces, and reassembled them. He knows furnace duct systems like nobody else. All of these things are polar opposite with me. I make a wage barely over the minimum standard in British Columbia. I have just gotten to liking carpet-cleaning, and I happen to think I do a pretty good job of it. I'd much prefer to have some normalcy in my job: I come to work, know what I have to go, and go home when I'm done. As well, while my co-worker is trying to explain to me the procedure, it goes in one ear and straight out the other. It was so intensely frustrating, you cannot even imagine.

I was going to post upon returning home from work, but I was so sick and tired and upset that I was sure I'd go on a million mile rant that would need an extreme bad taste alert. Instead, I went home and drank nearly an entire bottle of red wine. Let me tell you, it sure made me feel better.... for about four hours! And then... well, I'll spare you the gorey details! It was not a pleasant morning.

Thankfully the Pei master has returned! I'm one step closer to returning to the Fraser Valley. After the weekend from Hades, I'm ready for a move.