Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Crazy Lazy

I've been a lazy-assed slacker, and it shows by the lack of posting. Actually, I haven't been that lazy, work has been stupidly busy. But alas, I'm afraid this drought may continue until the weekend. Blech!
On the good side, I got a sweet email from the Drill Wife, who told me to check out this. Since I know better than to argue with a Southern woman, I immediately checked it out. And whattya know, it's a most worthy blog indeed! A sample:

The Swift Vets are releasing a new ad with a $1.3 million buy in Battleground states. The ad is available for download at

The ad focuses on Kerry's secret meetings with communist leadership during the 1970's. Not exactly what he wants people to hear about while he's busy trashing the Iraq War. The last thing Kerry needs is for people to start reminding the public about his anti-war, borderline sedition activities during Vietnam.

I concur.
So I guess that's about all for the time being. I've got some fabulous ideas in the works. I've been thinking a lot at work about stuff I want to blog about, so it's just a matter of time.
By the way, this is a great article. Hehehe, silly Kerry. Maybe he'd have better luck in Canada.