Friday, September 24, 2004

When does a football look like a helmet?

When it's the dying seconds of a CFL football game, that's when. I just finished watching the Lions/Stampeders game. The Stamps were on the goalline, down by 6 and with half a dozen seconds left to play. The Lions stuffed them on first and second down. On Third down, the Stamp running back bowled into a pile of guys, and was downed before crossing the goalline. However, the referee called it a touchdown, even though the only part of his body to cross the line was his helmet.

What a crock of horsepucky! I'm so disappointed! BLAST!

So, the Lions fall to 9-4, while the Stamps are 3-10. No link available on any of the sports websites, but trust me, this blown call will be talked about for a long time.