Thursday, September 23, 2004

Reason Number 300 to send troops to Iraq

Kidnapped Canadian Woman saved in Iraq

NORTHERN IRAQ - A U.S. National Guard unit assisted in the safe return of a Canadian woman who said she was held captive for 16 days in northern Iraq.

Thank you so much! We owe you a debt of gratitude. It's a good thing you guys are on top of things, after all, there aren't any Canadian troops in Iraq to defend the innocent.

Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew said Ottawa was aware 38-year-old Fairuz Yamulky had been kidnapped and had been working on the case.

Translation: Minister Pettigrew sat in his nice office in Ottawa twiddling his thumbs, watching his Petti.... errr... grow.

Yamulky, who had lived in Calgary, was flown out of the area in a Black Hawk helicopter which had been on a routine mission on night patrol, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Mighty fine piece of technology, those Black Hawk helicopters. But that's just fine, after all, we've got Sea Kings, Griffons, and the mighty Cormorant defending our people and our shores!

It is believed an Iraqi national helped secure her freedom.

That Iraqi National needs to compensated FULLY for what he has done. He's a hero, and hopefully a rich hero soon, all things being fair.

Speaking Wednesday in New York, Prime Minister Paul Martin said Iraqi national forces and U.S. forces were involved in Yamucky's rescue.
"I was at lunch with [U.S. Secretary of State] Colin Powell and I thanked him for their role in that," said Martin.

Could you PLEASE thank him by offering to send some troops over there??? PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!????? At the very least, make a statement of support for the establishing democracy in Iraq. COULD YA DO THAT FOR ME, OH FAITHFUL PRIME MINISTER?????? Anything less is not really "thanking him" now, is it? "Oh thanks so much for risking your life to save a citizen of my country in that land you illegally declared war on..."

The U.S. army confirmed that Yamulky was held for 16 days, though she was not on any official missing persons list.
Yamulky works for GSF Cement and Sand Company which does business in Baghdad.

Once again, we see the true nature of our enemy. They don't give a flying fiddle whether its a Canadian, Brit, Turk, Italian, Spanish, or Mongolian hostage. Although an American may be an especially nice feather in their 7th century cap, they don't care about nationalities! If these bastards had the capability, do you think for one iota that they would stop before destroying us and say to themselves:
"Hey, Ahmed... let's not blow up those folks, they're Canadian after all"
"Oh, Muhammed, aren't they those polite, politically correct, hockey-playing appeasers?
"Yes, let's just leave them alone."
Instead, it'll be more like: "INFIDEL! KILL KILL KILL ALLAHU AKBAR!" BOOM!
The minute the Prime Ministers office realizes this, the happier and safer I'll be.

Her neighbour in Calgary, Sabrina Zelensky, says Yamulky returned to Iraq to help rebuild her homeland.

Hopefully she won't be the last Canadian to help rebuild Iraq.

Apprently she even suffered at the hands of her captors. She was visibly bruised, and had been tortured. Via the Globe and Mail, this quote from Yamulky's father:
"These people are criminals; what else do you expect from them?"

At least he gets it. Maybe the PM should take a listen.