Monday, March 05, 2007

Star Trek XI

The newest film in the Star Trek series will begin filming this fall, with a scheduled release for late 2008.

The screenplay, which reportedly will be a prequel revolving around a young James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock...

As a big Trek fan, I'm pleased to hear that a new movie is in the works, but I cannot help but feel a little deflated.

A prequel?

Involving Kirk and Spock?

Did they learn nothing from the low-rated prequel Enterprise series? Granted, a lot of classic Trek fans will surely come out to see a story of Kirk and Spock. But you can guarantee the comparisons to Shatner and Nimoy will abound. I'm certainly interested in who will be cast in those two roles.

I would have preferred a new Trek movie based on new characters. Or at the very least, a chronologically later movie with characters from the Deep Space Nine or Voyager. The fascination with remembering the past is quite lost on me. It seems so... so... so blatantly star wars. It's such a disgusting thought that I cannot even bring myself to capitalize that vile "series" of movies.

But take courage, fellow Star Trek buffs! You can be sure there will not be a Klingon character named Jar-Jar Binks in Star Trek XI.