Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning Surprise

This is not the kind of thing you want to wake up to on a Monday morning.
Alas, this is what occurs when one is plowing snow and one backs up without paying attention to what is behind one's truck.

The insurance company told me my deductible will get waived as soon as the driver of the truck files his claim. I talked to him on the phone and he said he'd put it on his insurance. He'd better, or they'll be hell to pay, West Coast Chaos style, heh!

The body shop has a new windshield on order for me, but it probably won't be available for installation until Wednesday. As for the body damage, I'd sure like to get a new door out of the deal, but as long as they can make it look the way it was before, I'll be happy. Unfortunately I do not see them being able to repair it for a couple of weeks at least. This time of year is always busy for collision repair shops (of course), and normally I can be patient about such things. But in this case, it wasn't even my fault! If I had been driving like a maniac in winter conditions and crashed my car, well okay then it's my own problem. But this was brought on me by external forces that are beyond my control, which makes it even more difficult to stomach.

Do you have any ICBC stories you want to share? Any crashes that were someone else's fault? Your own fault?

I had one pretty bad one eight years ago that nearly totaled my car. I was driving too fast in the snow and hit a no-post! But insurance covered it and my rates went sky high for a couple of years. Apart from that, I've been in two fender-benders that were not my fault: one in Smithers when I was and one while driving through Fraser Lake.