Monday, September 25, 2006

Somebody. Pinch. Me.

No sooner do I go about announcing my plans to see the Canucks/Capitals game on October 27th, and my boss is telling me he wants to send me on a work-related course to Kelowna during that week. One cannot simply be in two places at once, and my plane ticket (and more importantly, my Game Ticket) have already been etched in stone...

What's a brother to do?

Surely a brother must not give up two seats in the rafters of GM Place to a game which could see the end of my historic five-game Canucks-seen-live losing streak.

So, as a "compromise" (m'heh!), my boss suggests perhaps I take a different yet also work-related course in Edmonton, from October 16-18. I wholeheartedly agree, and upon checking the Oilers schedule for that week, what do I find? The Edmonton Oilers are in the midst of a home & home series with...


I nearly fell over. Dropped Dead. Proverbial Crap in the Proverbial Pantaloons.

The co-worker who will be attending with me is also a huge Canucks fan, and he's game to see the errr... game. October 17th at Rexall Place. Canucks vs. Oilers. Wow.

Now to find tickets at a reasonable price. And preferably not in the "standing room only" section.

Two Canuck games in October. I must be dreaming.