Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pictures from Hazelton

I was doing some work in the Hazeltons yesterday, and at the last moment I thought to bring along my camera. I was glad I did.

I saw this little critter on the highway about halfway between Hazelton and Kispiox. Unfortunately, a school bus came roaring around the corner just after I took this picture and scared him deeper in the bushes. The other three pictures were not as good quality, and he was mostly hidden. But he looked right at me rather quizically as I pulled out my camera (from the safety of the work van, of course).

Here are a couple of pictures of the Skeena River, near the Glen Vowell (Sikh-E-Dakh) reserve.

In these pictures, the Skeena is flowing a little faster and has grown in size since adding the Kispiox river a couple kilometres upstream.

It meanders melodically past the bridge on it's way to a rendezvous with the Bulkley in Old Hazelton (a couple kilometres downstream).

But most fascinating of all, the cheap (er) price of gas on the reserve!

Under a dollar per litre? Don't mind if I do. Drop you filthy price, drop like a rock in the Skeena River.