Monday, June 19, 2006


The Carolina Hurricanes have won the Stanley Cup.

Good on 'em.

I was one of about five 'Canes fans in the Smithers Boston Pizza, we were a small but vocal crowd.

We cheered loudly as we rode our bandwagon team to victory.
I even got a beer spilled on me by a disgruntled Oiler fan!!!
HAHAHA poor loser Oiler fans! Although I was mildly concerned about the drive home (uhhh, officer, I got beer spilled on me... honestly!), all in all it was a fantastic night. The better team did win, and I get to rejoice as Colby Cosh, Covered in Oil, and the Battle of Alberta faithful (Sacamano's in historical Northern Mongolia - lucky bastard) wail loudly at their teams pathetic choke job. I wonder how long it will be until someone proudly proclaims "well you know, three months ago no one thought we would even be in the playoffs..." blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is, for two solid years Oiler fans have been insulting the Flames for their defeat in the '04 finals, and yet their team has done so very much worse. The Flames in '04 may have been one win away from glory, but the Oilers were one win away from freakin' history.
They were down 3-1 last week.

They fought back and won two games in a row.

Actually, "won" does not quite describe it, they fekkin' dominated games 5 and 6.

But the trifecta of averageness known as Ales, Raffi, and Fernando just couldn't muster enough heart to show up for game 7. The biggest game any of them will ever play in, and none of them even bothered to dress. Oh sure, Fernando had a break-away, but what did he do? Oh, right, he shot it over the freaking net from six feet away. Pisani will forever be known as Edmonton's Roberto Baggio, a "star" player who just couldn't get it done when all the marbles were on the line.

In fact, when Edmonton Oiler fans look back upon this season, they will have to relectantly admit that their less-than-stellar team consisted of complete overacheivers that were unable to continue their fortunes when the Big Game finally rolled around. No one with any honesty in them will tell you that they picked the Oil to make it to the Finals with a line-up consisting of Fernando Pisani, Raffi Torres, Ales Hemsky, Shawn Horcoff, Radek Dvorak, and Steve Staois. Come on now, in all honesty, could anyone even name these players before the start of this season? Stanley Cup? Good luck folks. They'd be better off as fourth-liners on the Red Wings or the Avalanche. Hell, perhaps even the Senators fourth line would merit them an inscription on Lord Stanley's grail.

It may well be said, in twenty or thirty years, that the 2004 Oilers were the worst team to make it to the Stanley Cup finals since... well, since the last team from Alberta made it to the finals.

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Go Canes Go!

Possible Stanley Cup Parade Routes???

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