Thursday, February 16, 2006

Steve who?

Hasn't Steve Moore just like, I dunno, retired or something?

Moore is seeking $15 million in lost wages and damages from Bertuzzi.

Bwahahaha! You were a solid fourth liner, Steve, but your "lost wages" sure ain't worth that much. Give it up, you are embarassing yourself.

Moore's lawyer, Tim Danson, denied there's any connection between the timing of the latest lawsuit and the Olympics.

Danson said the case was filed Tuesday in Toronto, one day before a two-year limitation on the filing of a lawsuit was set to expire.

Uh huh. Right. You had all this time to file this sack-of-shunt lawsuit, by your own admission TWO FRIGGIN' YEARS, and you do it now. Yeah. Sure. What's that I said about timing earlier?

Get Bent.

Wonder how he feels seeing Bertuzzi kicking ass and taking names in Torino? Makes me feel pretty dang good.