Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's all about Timing

My two week foray into the depths of B.C.'s Lower Mainland has come to an end. I had a fantastic time... at least, my friends said I had a fantastic time. I'm having an awful lot of trouble remembering anything. But if they say I had fun, that's good enough for me. As soon I recover my stupid USB cable, I'll post a few pictures.

Truly, life is all about timing. My first day in Vancouver coincided with Stephen Harper's swearing-in. The whole David Emerson affair was hard to avoid, as it was splashing on the front page of every newspaper and free daily. After gauging the somewhat mixed reaction from the good folks in the Red Ensign Brigade, as well as other Canadian bloggers I read, I am sticking with my original feelings on the situation. I don't care how qualified he is for the position. I don't care that Conservatives now have a candidate from a major urban center. I don't care that he will undoubtedly do a fine job as minister of "buying and selling stuff" (or whatever portfolio he was given). This is the same guy that said less than a month ago, "I'm going to be Stephen Harper's worst enemy...". Forget about supporting the Conservative Party with dollars and time, if you really want to gain favour with the CPC, start calling them names and saying they are evil and un-Canadian. That's the way to really move up in the CPC. The position should have been given to someone who is, like, ya know, CONSERVATIVE! Or at the very least, someone who wasn't bad-mouthing the party a day before the election.

My holidays also timed nicely with the increasing hostilities in the Middle East over a bunch of satirical cartoons that were printed in Danish newspaper (then re-printed by other Euro mags reporting on the story). Boy oh boy, those craZy cartoons! They're a riot. No, seriously. And imagine my suprise and glee to find out that Ezra Levant was going to publish them in the Western Standard. How happy I was to pick up the Metro while waiting for my bus and read that some liberal academic "scholar" is against printing the cartoons. Shocking. I wish I had kept that daily instead of trashing it. One could argue that our brave forces in Afghanistan will face more attacks, as crazed muslim crackpots take their unrighteous anger out on the Maple Leaf. As if this somehow justifies their terrorist actions. Cripes to that, I say.

And as if things couldn't have been timed any better, the Canucks go in the tank against the Blues at home last Wednesday, and then do the same against the Ducks on Friday. The decision to attend the Ducks game was a last-minute one. I won't say where I got the tickets, but don't think scalper. Really. The Canucks record when Temujin attends their games is now 0 wins and 5 glorious loses. Please Canuck fans, hold your applause. I was soooo tempted to go to their final game before the Olympic break on Sunday. but decided instead to visit a friend in Coquitlam. Naturally, the Canucks won the game in overtime on a beautiful give-n-go by the Sedins. I bet it was even better to watch live in person. *Sigh*

And now I'm back home, attempting to re-adjust to normal life now. I'm hosting the 37th edition of the Red Ensign Standard this weekend. This means I'll be spending most of my evenings holed up in front of my computer, scouring blog post upon blog post written by some of the finest people I've ever been associated with. And with everything that has gone on the past two weeks, it should be a fantastic Standard. Stay tuned folks, it's gonna be good. The timing, as they say, is impeccable.

Update 6:45pm. I forgot to mention that Dick Cheney shot a friend of his on a hunting trip while I was away. I'm glad the guy will be okay, and to see the media howling like hyenas but coming away hungry is really entertaining.