Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Sooner the Better

Saddam says his soul to be 'sacrificed'

As soon as possible. Preferably yesterday.

Imprisoned former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein wrote in a letter published Sunday that he is prepared to sacrifice himself for the Arab cause, and called on other Arabs to follow his example.

What Arab cause would that be, Saddam? The cause of you running your country like a thug? The cause of your sick, twisted, pathetic sons torturing, raping and killing anyone? The cause of ostracizing half your population and treating them lower than dogs? Or was it the cause of gassing the Kurds or walking all over the Shiites? Well, I'd have been thankful if you had sacrificed yourself decades ago, you snivelling, pathetic, feckless loon.

"In our glorious nation, my soul, and what I have been born on, is to be sacrificed to it," the letter said, in what the context suggested was an apparent reference to all Arabs.

Your "glorious nation", which is only now taking its rightful place among the free and civilized nations of the world. And what a glorious nation they will continue to become, no thanks to you.

Saddam has been in custody since December 2003, when he was captured by U.S. troops. The letter appeared to include thoughts about his incarceration.

S'funny... I didn't know that sacks of monkey piss could think? So, thoughts about your incarceration, eh? This oughta be good.

"Where is life without faith and love and the harmony which is inherited in our nation?" he wrote in Arabic.

Those sleep deprivation techniques used by the US military must've really worked. He's a complete raving lunatic! How else could he possibly imply that there was love and harmony in his "glorious nation".

"It is not too much for a man to answer the call of his nation with all that he possesses, and with his soul, yet it is what the nation deserves," the letter said, an apparent call for others to follow his lead.

While you are all out answering the call of the nation, I'll be hiding in a spider hole with hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks. But do as I say, and not as I do, people!

"My brother, love your people, love Palestine, long live Palestine, love your nation," he wrote.

Blah Blah Blah.

He appeared before an Iraqi tribunal in July 2004 to hear a list of preliminary charges against him.

The charges include the 1990 invasion of Kuwait; the 1986-88 Anfal campaign against the Kurdish minority in northern Iraq; the 1988 chemical attack on the Kurdish town of Halabja during that campaign; and the suppression of the 1991 revolts by Iraq's Kurdish and Shiite populations.

Oh, and tack on the charge of "being a complete asshat and a filthy terrorist-loving shitheel" of which he is obviously guilty.

Shiites and Kurds were repressed by Saddam's regime.

That's putting it mildly. Leave it to CNN, your trusted name in news.

But Sunnis largely boycotted January's election for a transitional government, with Shiites and Kurds faring best in the vote.

Disagreement among the three groups on the role of federalism is among the key sticking points that has caused a delay in the adoption of a draft constitution.

But when that constitution is drafted, and finally accepted, it truly will be a glorious thing. And all Iraqi's who want a say in how the government will run will have their chance to voice their thoughts. A far cry from the despotic police state that was Saddam's Iraq.

Now can we please show Saddam the door? You know, that wooden door underneath the nicely wound piece of rope hanging there.