Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Welcome to Vancouver International Airport

Dang, one dollar for ten minutes at these stupid email kiosks... and they have blocked access to blogger blogs. How stupid... I can post to my blog, but I cannot view it.

Nonetheless, I've got some time to spare before my connecting flight to Vic, and what better way to spent it than blogging?

Fascinating tidbits from my flight:

My grade 11 english teacher was seated two rows behind me, he's also heading to Victoria.

I sat next to a guy who is the landlord for three apartment buildings in Smithers. I clean the carpets in those apartments when tenants move out, so it was cool to chat with him. He was born in Tunisia, grew up in Paris, and moved to Vancouver a decade ago or so. He has lived in Smithers for nine years, but often goes on long trips back to Europe or Africa. It was fascinating to hear his story.

Flying over the Bulkley Valley sure is cool. It was pretty cloudy and overcast throughout my flight though, so I didn't get to see much scenery.

...till next time...