Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ferry Crash at Horseshoe Bay

A BC Ferry has crashed at Sewell's Marina, at the Horseshoe Bay terminal (North Shore) in West Vancouver.

By the looks of the video, shot by a nearby homeowner, the Queen of Oak Bay missed its docking port, and proceeded at a slow speed into a group of docked sailboats. Apparently, there is talk of getting in a lunber truck to build a temporary ramp to offload passengers. I'm not quite sure how plausible that is, since there is wreckage and half-capsized boats all over the place.

Then again, if the boat was beached, it may be a little easier to build a make-shift ramp.

Nonetheless, those passengers are going to have to get off that ferry somehow.
And on Canada Day weekend, too. Sheesh, the Tsawwassen terminal is going to be jammed.

Yet another proud moment in the history of the BC Ferries.