Sunday, April 17, 2005

Slam Dunk

I don't often link to the NY Slimes, but when the Yankees are losing, how can I resist? The Times sports columnists beat up on the Yanks in a manner not seen anywhere else. Sadly, there is registration required to view, but it is worth the two minutes it takes to fill out the form.

But the Yankees do not expect to lose four-run leads to anyone, and with a payroll of about $200 million, they are not built to lose, period.

Yet the Yankees have done little but lose lately.
The Yankees' bullpen has been awful, with a 5.45 earned run average, and the starters have also struggled. In the last eight games, no starter has pitched at least six innings while allowing three earned runs or fewer. And with the Orioles going for a sweep Sunday, the Yankees will turn to their most erratic starter, Kevin Brown (emph. mine).
It is a feeling shared throughout the team, whose problems are not confined to pitching. The Yankees are batting .206 with runners in scoring position after going 1 for 10 on Saturday. With a chance to make things right, the Yankees only made them worse.

This makes Temujin smile.

Update 1:26- So does this.