Sunday, April 10, 2005

Better than nothing

An article in the Interior News caught my eye last week, I present it to you now, in West Coast Chaos Fisk-o-Vision:

The leader of the provincial Communist Lite New Democratic Party is getting a head start on the campaign trail with more than a month to go before the official election call.
Carole James was scouring touring Northern communities last week trying to con convince voters that the NDP can be trusted again in government (!!!) and will do a better job than the B.C. Liberals.
Her mission was to point out the differences in visions for the province between the NDP and the Liberals as voters prepare to go to the polls in the provincial election on May 17.
"New Democrats believe the economy needs to benefit everyone in B.C., not just a a few under Gordon Campbell and the Liberals," James said. "We believe you should be able to get good quality health care regardless of where you live in the Lower Mainland or Smithers or Houston."

Bwa-hahahahahahaha! Have you BEEN to the hospital in Smithers, Carole? It looks like a penitentiary, but you get the same level of "quality health care" there that you receive everywhere else. So how exactly do you plan on increasing the quality health care than people in the north receive? By allowing private clinics to operate, where people have a choice as to who serves them, or by funneling millions of dollars into the very system you think does not provide us with "good quality health care". Let me guess, the latter, right Carole?

But can the NDP be trusted to run the province again so soon after the fast ferry fiasco, the North Burnaby Inn casino licence debacle and other scandals?

Not a bloody chance.

James thinks so.

Color me shocked.

"New Democrats received a thunderous ass-kicking a very clear message from all the pissed off people who hate you the voters in the last election, we had two seats returned to the legislature," James said. "That's a damned trouncing pretty clear message. I wasn't part of that last government but I was a New Democrat.
"I've received a clear message from the people of B.C. that we have lost our connection to the people of this province. We've learned from that mistake."

"Lost our connection to the people of this province" Geez, gag me with a spoon. Spoken like a true Dipper.

As for taxes, James promised not to raise taxes (too much, except on those eeeevil rich folks, they'll pay for being rich!) if the NDP wins the election, but the NDP will not lower taxes either. "We need to look at putting back some of the programs and services that this government has cut," James said. "We believe in using targeted tax incentives to increase industry and business."

For example, a $300 tax credit for grow-op owners. And free hybrid cars for everyone.

James wouldn't take a position on the idea of a bear hunting ban to protect the rare white Kermode bear until she sees accurate data on the bear population.
She said there's a lack of accurate information because the Liberals cut funding for conservation officers.

We are talking about a genetically abnormal bear here. It's not even it's own friggin' species, for cryin' out loud.
Curse those right wing nutjob Liberals for cutting the research! CURSE THEM!!!!!!!

James won't take a public position on the Single Transferable Ballot referendum and neither will her party (reason enough to vote for it, ed.), but she said the existing system of electing MLAs is flawed considering the results of the last two elections.
"Two elections ago, you had the Liberals get the popular vote but the NDP won the election, and in 2001, the NDP got a large chunk of the popular vote and only two seats returned to the legislature," James said. "That shows there isn't a balance of seats and the vote that comes in (sic). We have to do something differently."

Well you certainly weren't saying anything about it in 1996, now were you?

Doug Donaldson, the CCCP NDP candidate for Bulkley Valley-Stikine said he will not become a 'Yes man' to James if the NDP takes power and he's elected an MLA.
"I put the riding at the top of my priority list and will make sure that the views of the people here and issues I'm running on are at the forefront of the NDP strategies by talking to Carole and other decision-makers in the party," Donaldson said.

*phew* I'm relieved. It is great to know that Doug Donaldson will fight for me.