Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Members

Please give a happy, heapin' welcome to the Raging Ranter, and a Chick Named Marzi, the newest members of the Red Ensign Brigade!

The Raging Ranter has made this bold proclamation: "Dithers has pimped himself out to Jack Layton, and he can't even explain why. This is going to be remembered as one of the most laughable maneuvers in the history of Canadian politics."

I know I'm gonna like reading his blog.

As far as Marzi goes, any chick who says things like "I think I could actually *like* Duceppe's passion and articulateness if he wasn't a fascist separatist bastard. Duceppe was speaking solely to a Quebecois audience. I think it took him all of three seconds to mention the word "referendum" and it took him another three seconds to mispronounce fed-r-AL-ism and de-MOCK-rcy. He asked, in effect, if Quebeckers wanted to be part of a federal system that's *that* corrupt." and "Finally, Jack Layton hit the podium and reminded everyone that he'd be selling used cars in the parking lot as soon as the press conference was over. Once the crickets stopped chirping, he mimicked Harper and said that this was a LIBERAL scandal and not a CANADIAN scandal. With that out of the way, he used his five minutes with a microphone to pimp the NDP agenda as much as possible. Words like "environment," "Kyoto," "student debt" and "hemp products for all" started dripping from his mouth." is okay by me!

I wonder if she's single.

Go welcome them both.