Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stop! It hurts... it huuuurrrrrrrts!

Dang, I'm laughing a lot today. That's not a bad thing either.

I didn't realize the Monger was a Canucks fan:

A shortened NHL season presents a mixed blessing to Vancouver Canucks fans. On the plus side, it means we'll skip right over the usual October slump. On the negative side, we're right in time for the annual February skid.

At least Naslund won't break his leg this year, and Bertuzzi can't get suspended since he's... well, still suspended. And just who in the blue hades would start in goal for us? Chris Levesque?

I still hate Gary Bettman though. I've never been much of a pro-union kind of guy, but I've got more sympathy for them than most this time around. Bettman and the owners have not budged an inch. Fiends!