Monday, February 28, 2005

Red Ensign #16

(arrrgh! Numbers in my head! I've changed the title of this post to reflect the fact that this is #16 of the Standard, not #17 as stated before)

The Standard has been raised by The Phantom Observer. Be sure to check out VW's efforts, and stand in awe at the lovely HTML table!

If you needed anymore incentive to read the Standard, here it is: Some of us (including yours truly) made a promise to submit our entry this time. The idea was to make it easier on the Standard err... raiser by limiting the number of blogs on the blogroll that he had to check. Unfortunately, some of us (read: me) forget (read: lazy-assed) to submit our entries (read: make his job a little easier). Nonetheless, The Phantom Observer has overlooked my dishonourable act and given me a spot anyways.

He truly is a class act (read: Temujin grovelling).