Friday, February 25, 2005

Krazy Korn Konversion

Brian Welch, guitarist for the heavy metal band Korn, has quit the band. His recent conversion to Christianity is cited as the reason for his departure:

According to the announcement on the Korn website, "Korn has parted ways with guitarist Brian Head Welch, who has chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior, and will be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end."

It seems as though Welch and the bad departed amicably, which is exceedingly good. It is also somewhat surprising, considering the lyrical content of the song "GoodGod"

You came into my life without a single thing
I gave into your ways, but you left me with nothing
I've given into smiles, I've dealt with all your games
I wish you're happy now, I had to let you win

Why don't you get the fuck out of my face, now!!
Why don't you get the fuck out of my face, now!!

Back in the day, this was one of my favourite tunes. I read the lyrics with a bit of a different spin now, and I bet Welch does as well. I'd like to hear more about the circumstances that brought about this change in him. He'll probably get a zillion requests by churches in North America, and I bet we'll see him "on tour" soon.

The potential this guy has to influence kids in a positive way is huge. He isn't the type of person to just cater to the Christian sub-culture either. He is a credible example to young people, and his advice and testimony will almost certainly be taken more seriously by teens because he of that authenticity.

God is still doing good stuff in people's lives after all. Who knew?