Monday, January 10, 2005

Five Days Left (or: Let the Shameless Begging Continue)

Well, there are still five days left to vote.
Vote for your favourite Canadian Blogs.

It is still a really close race for Best New Blog. At last glance, there was one blog with 80 votes, two with 70, and three or four others within twenty of the lead.
Even if I am not in the lead pack, a solid, concentrated effort made by ten people to vote for me over the next five days could hand me the victory.

Even though I have not done much in the way of blogging recently to earn any votes, there is still a chance that West Coast Chaos could pull this thing out. Now get over there and pull the lever for WCC.

Together, we can guilt Pei Yusei into posting more.

Update 6:30pm January 12- Some is now in the lead by twenty votes. Unless something spectacular happens in the next two days, this contest is over.