Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Southeast Asia Roundup

Tim Blair has the best updates on all the craziness in Southeast Asia.

Oddly enough, my good friend the Asylum was in Thailand for Christmas. Quite a few of us were kinda worried, since we hadn't heard from her in a while, but apparently she is back home in Taiwan, and doing relatively fine. In a mass email she sent to the lot of us, she wrote the following:

Unbelievable. I cant believe I was there. If I wasnt scheduled to meet my parents online at 9:30 am, I would have been on the beach. Instead I was about 300 m from the beach and only had to run from the approaching waters. Seeing the terror up close is something I would never wish upon anyone. Hopefully I can get a full update on my blog station soon, right now Im exhausted and have to work.

Thank God for parents, that's all I got to say about that.
My assumption is that it is alright for me to post this (since it was a mass email and all...). Having a first hand account before my very eyes is too good to pass up, it needed to be blogged! I can't wait to see what she says when things get a little more... errr... normal for her. Glad you're still in one piece, Asylum!

Tim Blair also has links posted regarding supplies and donations. I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to do something. Every little bit helps.