Saturday, December 11, 2004

Blogging and the news

If anybody's reading this, I apologize for not blogging in a while. Life really has been that crazy. I realize that it's always the same story with me, but I can't help it - honestly. Being faithful to a blog is only really easy when you have a desk job and you don't have a supervisor staring down your neck all the time. I actually don't have either of those things in my job - but let me tell you a little about it. I work 8:00 pm to 2:30 am on week-ends usually (although this week I've been working week-days as well, to my utter discontent). My job is essentially pointless in the grand scheme of things . . . cooking mostly deep-fried items is hardly my idea of a "valuable contribution to society", but such is my lot these days, or so it would seem. I would like to be raking in the dough performing with guitar, piano and vocals, but, being relatively new to the Vancouver area (which is the only part of the Lower Mainland where it might be possible to pull something like that off), I haven't yet got around to taking any initiative in this area. And there's nothing that can drain one's power of self-motivation more than being broke.

Well, obviously this isn't my entire excuse. Even assuming I worked 8 to 2:30 every day of the week (which is not the case), I would still have at least 6 hours from about 1 to 7 to sit down and hack something out here. Which leads me to the other half of my excuse. I'm currently attending a reasonably high-profile school, where, though I'm only taking one class, I am finding myself constantly "under the weather". I have already put 160 hours into research for my final paper (for which I have been given an extention until early January, due mostly to the fact that I tackled a piece of literature [namely, Ulysses by James Joyce {which, if you haven't noticed, is on my "favourite books" list in my user profile}] that is hardly what you'd call "straight-forward), and I think I can safely say I'll have to put another forty hours at least into the thing. But, if you're thinking "that Pei Yusei is off his freaking rocker" - I have good reasons. I have every intention at this point of completing a masters degree and then continuing on for a Ph.D., hopefully in England, where I hear the grass is greener and the domesticated cats are softer, and then going on for a professorship somewhere. Most of these "ambitions" have been present (although moderately suppressed and un-spoken) in my psyche (or heart, or soul) for years, but I feel more and more like this what I want to do with my life, so there it is!

Well, to the five people (I hope) reading this, I wish you a Merry Christmas (in the event that I don't post again before then).