Thursday, December 09, 2004

Does anyone check this blog anymore?

I'm posting... Can it be??? Yes indeed, it is. Does anyone even still come here? It's been ages since I last posted anything.
Thankfully I've got the Monger referring me. As a Doctor, he is trained to be merciful and caring... surely that must be the reason, and I'm grateful for it...

West Coast Chaos: "We Welcome Sympathy Links!" heh.

Here is something a little out of the ordinary:

Americans weigh down cruise ship

M'heh! How glorious.

DOZENS of seats on the world's most luxurious cruise liner have collapsed under the weight of obese American passengers.

If they would only take a lesson from the commun... errr... New Democrats in Canada and outlaw Twinkies and other trans-fatty goodness, this kind of thing could be avoided.

But the best line of all comes at the end of the article:

"And we do have 10 restaurants on the ship, so if they are big when they get on, they tend to be bigger when they get off."

My kind of holiday.

(Stanley Cup Ring to Seth for the link (who, by the way, is rapidly approaching the 1000 mark on his sitemeter stats... go see if you can be the lucky one!))