Thursday, November 25, 2004

In Manningian Fashion

Since the CFL season is officially over, I've had to get reacquanited with the
NFL. If there are more games like this, I may just start to enjoy it:

DETROIT (AP) - Peyton Manning barks and gestures at the line of scrimmage, adjusting to defences and changing play calls.

It might seem like chaos, but he's in complete control. Blitzing linebackers or disguised coverages don't faze him. Manning truly seems flustered only when he's far from the field, standing in a locker-room to talk about his remarkable performances.

In his latest brilliant display, Manning threw for six touchdowns in less than three quarters and raised his season total to 41 TD passes, leading the Indianapolis Colts past the Detroit Lions 41-9 Thursday.

He set an NFL record with at least four TD passes in a fifth straight game - and he did it by halftime. Dan Marino had a four-game streak with at least four TDs in 1984, when he also set a league mark with 48 TD passes in a season.

A Casey Printers-like performance!