Wednesday, November 24, 2004

What to do with my new found fame...

Today's site traffic is double the daily average.

Rather than wax eloquently, I'd like to take this opportunity to showcase a few blogs that I feel are either underviewed, or just plain cool (actually... both).

The Taiwan Asylum is a friend of mine who has recently moved to Taiwan to teach English. She's a wonderful person, who sadly doesn't post much. But when she does, you can bet it will be funny, witty, charming, unique, or a combination of all four. Don't forget to leave a comment on how lovely PinkE is!

Seth is an absolute freakin' genius. His posts are always thought-provoking, and quite often controversial. Give him a view, and then a link, and help spin his sitemeter.

Be sure to have a hot cup of Joe at Joe's Diner.

As well, The MJM Drill Wife has been a dialy read of mine for months. Fascinating perspective from the wife of a military man. You won't be disappointed.

And whatever else you do, be absolutely sure to check out No Pundit Intended. When a guy says something like this:
There are many things I identify with, but I am part of something bigger than all of those things. Something much more important. I am part of a legacy of free individuals who came here from all over the world, not for what they can get out of it, but for what they can be because of it. They came here to become Americans. Some of us were lucky enough to have been born Americans and we should be teaching others what that really means.

Well, I am not subscribing. I am going to be just a plain, old, garden variety American. I am not a hyphenated American and my ideal is not a hyphenated America.

I am not a hyphenated American because being American is enough.

You just KNOW he is something special.

Go check them out, as well as everyone else on the Red Ensign Blogroll. They are Canadians in the truest sense of the word.