Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Shout Out to Abbotsford

Red Ensign blogroll member, Northwestern Winds, is from Abbotsford... A city I am rather familiar with indeed! I think he is the first blogger I've come across from Abbotsford.

In the few moments I spend perusing his site, I found a number of fascinating articles, including this one. Here is a taste:

In British Columbia, my home province, almost 4 out of 10 pregnancies end in abortion. That one makes we wonder how many of those are native, and how on earth we can be said to be proud and supportive of native culture when we are assisting them to die. I raise this point too, because it is widely reported that natives have a suicide rate well above the rest of the population. It seems obvious to me that a culture that does not have a great will to live, is also a culture that would find it hard to muster the will to raise children. I'm not running down natives in pointing this out - I'd like to see a healthy, happy and growing native population. That is my point. The other statistic that hit hard was that if we stood in silence for one second for every baby aborted in Canada this year, we would be standing for a day and a half.

That stat hits me hard, too.