Wednesday, September 29, 2004

You believe him?

Missing out on the world cup of hockey wouldn't be such an enormous sacrifice if it meant securing another $7.5 million for the year 2004/05. So what's your response to Jeremy Roenick's demand for payment this year? Don't forget: he's become known for sustaining a concussion and then coming back later on in the same game. He's the kind of resilient player who you'd think could pull through any physical adversity if he really wanted to. I can't say for sure because I'm not him and I'm not his doctor, but I'd say the chances are pretty good that if there was a stanley cup on the line, and his $7.5 mill was guaranteed, we'd see him sporting Philly's orange-and-white and playing his heart out. In fact, I'd even say that if his salary was guaranteed, he would have played in the world cup of hockey. But we all know how far greed has been allowed to go in the NHL. Say what you will about the benefits of capitalism and a free market system . . . NHL players don't deserve 7.5 million a year any more than a fat man deserves to get rich because of the quality (and quantity) of McDonalds food.