Tuesday, September 28, 2004

My article for NPI had an effect!

Remember that article I wrote for NPI awhile back? Well anyways, it won a gold medal :-)

But I'm not going to gloat. Instead, I need to point out that today on CBC Radio's program BC Almanac, the discussion centred around the proposed statue for draft-dodgers that was supposed to be built in Nelson, BC. I say supposed to, because it seems the project has been halted due to backlash! Via the above link, there is a downloadable .ram file which contains the entire program. Our good friend Isaac Romano (who was a main figure in my NPI article), called into the program, and got his candy-ass horse-whipped by a Vietnam Vet who was NOT IMPRESSED with the proposed "statue". I was at work, driving in my van when I heard the show, but I had to get out because I was in the middle of cleaning a carpet (d'oh!). But what I did hear was Romano changing the subject, espousing lame-ass pacifism and non-violence, and generally evading every point the Vet brought up. Remember, this is the same guy who wants George Bush tried as a war criminal.

It seems as though the project may not go through, because the town of Nelson has had its reputation put through the ringer. Think about it though: American tourists spend their dollars in the next town down the road... citizens in Nelson boycott any business that supports this project... others who support freedom look upon the town with disdain...
not exactly what the Chamber of Commerce for Nelson wants to see (let alone other capitalist enterprises)!

So that's the story. Remember, you heard it here first.

Oh yeah, and go read my award-winning article.

Update 1:10pm- Here's a link to the story. What a lame statue.