Friday, September 10, 2004

No Time for Overtime.

I rather like working overtime. That extra hour or two at time-and-a-half is like gravy. However, the novelty soon wears off, and it always seems like after working a ten or twelve hour day, I don't feel like doing much of anything. My social life suffers, my energy level suffers, my ambition suffers, and of course, my blog suffers. There has to be a balance.
The Drill Wife says all that needs to be said on the subject, so there isn't anything left for me to do, except point "y'all" in the general direction.

I have learned over the years that work is not the priority (it's high on the list b/c you have to have income to survive) however it's not worth sacrificing time with your family (afterall, our kids are only little once). Sure I miss the money I was making working full time but I value more the time I have with my baby. It's not a hard decision to make.

I told you those Southern Women are smart.