Wednesday, September 08, 2004


No, not the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Columbia Bible College.

Today classes started. In many ways, I am extremely glad to not be attending anymore. Yet, since I have many good friends in Abbotsford right now, I am somewhat saddened to be 1200 kilometres (720 miles, give or take) away. I jokingly told some of my closest friends that I would probably turn into an alcoholic in September. Working a crazy-assed job, turning 26, and missing out on a ton of fun with some of the most honorable people on the face of the planet is a trifecta of depression if I've ever heard of one!
Tonight I propose a toast: To the bruthas at CBC. May you always ask difficult questions, spend countless hours discussing doctrine and theology, play a whole lot of video games, and eat J's pizza until you puke. Oh yeah, and may each of you continue being the honorable, courageous, respectable, exemplary, and all-around virtuous people that I know you are. My loss is certainly your roomates' gain.

Thanks for being the best part of my time at CBC.