Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A post for Cheez

This post is dedicated to my friend Cheez.

After losing thier coach in a car accident earlier this year, the Czech National hockey Team has a reason to play. They will be in the semi-finals, against Canada.

After a lack-lustre round robin, the Czech's pasted the Swede's (who were early tournament favorites).

On a side note, the Leafs had better pray that Belfour's back hold up this year. I wouldn't trust either of their back-up goalies. Mikael Tellqvist, the Swede goalie, battled with Trevor Kidd for the backup position in T.O. Both of them are sieves, and I doubt Tellqvist is going to have any confidence for the next six months.

Good luck Leafs... and Cheez... there is always room on the bandwagon buddy. Anytime you wanna hop on, I'll help you strap on your seatbelt.