Monday, September 06, 2004

New Kid in Town

There's a new kid in town. And he knows the score:

I became a christian back in the early nineties and for the most part what I saw (after the initial buzz wore off) was a cultural wasteland, a collectively eneimic imagination, and a thourough lack of backbone. (No offense to friends and artists who bucked the trend, but for the most part that bland, law-bound culture was what i saw.) My subjective experiences, the books I read, and observations didn't lead me away from my conclusion that there was a God and that he came down to earth as Jesus, but it was not easy to live out what i thought was true and swim against that tide. It got to be too much.
Maybe I did go through some hard times, but how much of that is refusing to let go and move on and how much of that is not having been properly helped in processing it? (God knows i heard plenty of teachings that just compounded any number of issues.) How much of that is holding a rag to a scratch and calling it the red badge of courage?

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Charlie. You're always welcome at my place.