Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day round-up


That's what I'm feeling right now.

I went to the Veteran's Peace Park in Smithers to observe the Remembrance Day ceremony, thinking that 10:40 would be a good time to arrive and find a good spot to stand. Boy, was I wrong! There must have been four to five hundred people there, and I was relegated to rear status for the proceedings, so I didn't get to snap as many pictures as I had hoped.

There are plenty of bloggers who have more eloquent words describing what Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day means to them, so I'll just leave you with this picture, worth at least a thousand words:

There were many children playing in the snow and enjoying the winter weather. Several were not even born in the 20th century!

All this made possible by those who went before us.

John has a great post up, "I am among giants."

So does Alan, and Andrew.

A day of silence at The Monarchist.

Good stuff today over at the Torch, and Canadian Heroes says thanks.

And I'd be quite foolish if I neglected to point out this little gem over at Dust my Broom. I'm weeping and bursting with pride: There is one thing that we can be proud of & that is that he & nearly all of our battalion that were left never gave up an inch, but died fighting against tremendous odds. They outnumbered us 75 to 1, as it is estimated that 9000 came over & there were only about 120 of our boys left to face them. The other Canadian battalions just walloped the Jesus out of them a few days later & took back all the lost ground & inflicted awful losses on the Huns.