Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kevin Cosgrove

I had not heard the 9-1-1 call Kevin Cosgrove made from the World Trade Centre moments before it collapsed. Until Now (via the Flea).

This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in nearly 28 years of life on Earth. And it made me think.

Every day brings challenges for me, and lately I have become quite frustrated at work. I feel as though I work very hard, and although I do not get paid a six figure salary, at the end of the day I can know that I have done good work and have helped people out. Even though 98% of my customers will tell you they are more than satisfied with my efforts, inevitably there are one or two that you simply cannot do enough for. After watching the video footage of Kevin Cosgrove's final moments alive, I cannot help but think of myself as a complete total whiner. I'm a whiner for getting so riled up over something so trivial. So insignificant. And yet I allow it to affect me to the point where it affects my relationships with those around me; those I care most about.

The challenges I face are miniscule compared what Kevin Cosgrove faced in the moments before he died. "Oh God..."

And people cheered when the towers fell. They cheered when Kevin Cosgrove died.

Never Forget.

Update 10:35pm - If you've got fifteen minutes or so to spare, please read The Web of Trust, by Bill Whittle. It fits nicely with what I'm thinking and feeling right now.