Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Those Darned Easterners...

As a response to this...

Heh, those easterners cannot be allowed to have all the fun. I am going to beg, plead, borrow, and steal whatever time I can possibly get off towards the end of August/beginning of September. I am hoping for Sept 1 - 4th off, during which time I will fly to the Lower mainland and enjoy a brew or two with some of the finest people in Western Canada (and whomever else wants to join... hint, hint)

Naturally, this is subject to change, depending upon my oh-so-benevolent overlords at work. What say you all? Let's figure out a time and a place and a date, and show those Ontario weenies that the Western Chapter of the Red Ensign Brigade can organize a round-up just as well as they can. Does anyone have a favorite watering hole/whatever to meet at? Having lived there for two years, I know the Abbotsford area quite well, but I am also familiar with the downtown of Vancouver, and a bit of Chilliwack. Let's get 'er done!

I have yet to ask for any time off, but I am 80-85% sure I can get time off if I give ample notice. Let's make this a reality.

PS: Curt and Rebecca, I promise a response to our discussion is forthcoming.... bear with me, this weekend has been most trying, and the week itself doesn't seem much better!