Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hey, A Guy Can Dream...

It is extremely doubtful that the Vancouver Canucks will be paying anyone more than 5.5 million dollars to play for them in the coming season. But if they do decide to go out and sign a big name player, this guy would be worth every single cent.

He played novice hockey in Cassiar, B.C. (his brother, Rob, was born there), and has always been one of my favorite players. In my opinion, the best defenceman in the NHL.

Pronger? Sack of wet drywall.
Jovanovski? As inconsistent as the gravy in a grade 9 cooking class.
Blake? One injury away from retirement.
Leetch? Well, he signed with the Leafs... that says something about his career right there.

Scott Niedermeyer: I ask, nay, beg you to please please please sign with the Canucks. From one ex-Cassiarite to another, PLEASE SIGN WITH THEM!!!!!!