Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The award goes to...

And the Award for the "Best Awards Presentation/Description" goes to:

The Monger!

Biggest Overblown Piece of Pre-Election Night B.S.
A Massive Youth Turnout! Cell-phone Users and Bruce Springsteen Fans!! Omigod!!!
- Ha. Ha Ha Double-Ha. I knew this would be B.S. from the beginning. Every political loser in the world thinks he's going to be the one to motivate what Paul Wells calls the nonvoting nonvoter. This Never Happens. Never. Plus, did no-one twig to the fact that Bruce Springsteen is (how to put this) getting a little wispy and grey to be motivating the "youth" vote? I mean, come on, how old is this guy? 104? He looked like a dish-rag when I was a kid, and now he just looks like he should be in those Viagra ads with Bob Dole. Get serious. And the buzz about the nasty anti-Bush Eminem video, motivating an army of angry 20-somethings to the polls? Excuse me while I laugh my a** off. Eminem fans, in aggregate, have an IQ in the mid two figures. Most of them could probably not figure out an Arby's menu, let alone a presidential ballot. Anyone who can't pull his pants up all the way and doesn't know which way a ballcap should sit on the head is not going to be a deciding factor in a Presidential race. Ha Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAA. "Youth vote". Snicker.
(emphasis mine!)