Saturday, November 20, 2004

A good sign indeed

Bush agrees to act on U.S. beef ban
Better late than never, but do ya think Kerry would've acted?

SANTIAGO, CHILE - U.S. President George W. Bush said his administration is committed to reopening the border to Canadian beef within several months

That is extremely good news. But I can't get over how creepy Paul Martin looks in that photo. Bush must be thinking "ewww, I've gotta wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap after this..."

Martin told reporters he reassured Bush his visit would be well received, despite recent problems with one government member.

"Well Georgie, the former member of our party who said all those bad things has been taken care of... it wasn't what she said about you that upset me, it was what she said about me."

I hope Bush makes it clear in his address to Parliament that Canada actually has a responsibility to promote democracy in the world. Many Canadians need to hear it.