Sunday, October 03, 2004

Way to go, Ralphie!

Dang, I love the Premier of Alberta:

SANGUDO, ALTA. - Electing John Kerry to the White House could translate into bad news for Alberta farmers hard-hit by the U.S. ban of Canadian cattle, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein said Saturday.

It's a bold statement, but probably true!

Klein accused Kerry of being a protectionist because the U.S. politician signed a letter in April that called to continue the ban on live cattle.
Kerry has also been quoted as saying that the Bush administration has not done enough to safeguard the U.S. beef supply.

Granted, I'm not too impressed with the way the Bush administration has handled the whole mad-cow, ban-canadian-beef thing... but Kerry's statement gives me no hope at all that a resolution is forthcoming.

And that's what I love about Ralph Klein. He tells it like it is, and is willing to make tough choices and stand by them. If only BC had a premier like him.
But the best quote of all:

"With politicians, sometimes what they say before an election and what they do after are two entirely different things," Klein said. "Unless you're talking about me."

Muahahah! Good one, Ralph!