Sunday, October 24, 2004

Freedom, sweet Freedom

So, I'm skipping out of church today... sort of. I went at 9:30 for the Sunday School session. Now I'm on a "break" while everyone is singing. One word: "Worship" that's all you need to know.

I'll go back in half an hour or so, once the Pastor starts preaching.

I had a hard time sitting through Sunday School today. They were discussing Mark 13... the "signs of the end of the age". Needless to say, the hermeneutical approach of many in my church is, how shall I put it... less than stellar. Not once did anyone bring up the fact that Jesus' prophecy was time-period specific. Instead, the conversation ebbed and flowed between "well, the Second Coming is gonna happen soon, it says so right here" and "it's not about when it will take place, the important thing is that it WILL take place".

Blech. Blech blech blech.

Mark 13:30- I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

THIS GENERATION.... ALL THESE THINGS. Sounds to me like everything described in Mark 13 takes place while the generation Jesus is speaking to is alive. Hello Preterism!

I should have brought it up, I know, I really should have. If I really think my brothers and sisters are in error, it is my duty/responsibility to point it out. However, my concern is that I would be looked at like a freakin' maroon. In fact, according to most, my views are downright heretical. Now, I'm not usually scared of that, but this specific setting wasn't really the right one to do it in.

I hope the sermon is good. There are a lot more productive things I can do with my time. Like, for instance, blogging.