Saturday, October 30, 2004

Conning a Con Man

Well, I've been tricked.

Rather than surprise a couple of friend in Abbotsford, I was instead surprised by them today in Kelowna.

The squeeler is trying desperately to make amends for wrecking my plans, but to no avail! Not to mention, my very own co-blogger was in on the whole thing!!!! WHAT A DEEEEEEEEEED!

I should revoke your blogging priveliges, PEI!

But I won't. Instead, I'll enjoy some humble pie along with the chicken and pizza and beer I consume tonight.

The Kelowna Rockets are playing the Brandon Wheatkings tonite. Hopefully they play better than they did last night. After that, I'll be in Abbotsford for Sunday, and fly back to Smithers on Monday.

It's bitter when you get conned, but I'll get over it. As I said before, normal posting will resume on Monday, and I expect that the dour persona that hase corrupted my blogging will have disappeared by then. It really has been a good week.