Sunday, April 08, 2007

A sad day, indeed.

Oh no.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Six Canadian soldiers died Sunday in southern Afghanistan as a result of injuries sustained when the vehicle they were travelling in hit an explosive device.

In an hour so I'll be watching the Canucks final regular season game, and probably enjoying a cold one while I'm at it.

I can do so because I live in a country that is is not run by tyrants or dictators, religious fanatics or otherwise.

The timing of this tragedy is not lost on me.

90 years ago... ring a bell?

Unfortunately six families will be receiving horrible news this day. Today I am grateful for the work of those soldiers, and my thoughts will continue to be with those families. They were involving in good and noble endeavors in Afghanistan. There is a minority in that country that wants us to fold up our tents and leave. If history is any indicator, the people from this geographical location known as Canada will not cower in fear. We will not run like scalded dogs. We will not let the thugs intimidate us.

We shall finish the job. We must finish the job.


Stanley Cup Ring to Darcey for the heads-up on the story. "Damn" is right.