Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seems Logical to Me.

Inevitably, the only way to rebalance the mission is to reduce the enemy.

Is it too late to nominate this for Quote of the Year?

Update: If you are in the market for some hockey sticks, may I suggest checking out Flarrow Hockey. When those folks support the troops, they really support the troops:

As luck would have it, Billing's father works for Flarrow Hockey -- a Canadian company that manufactures hockey sticks -- and when his boss found out about the special request, two hockey sticks bound for Kandahar, Afghanistan, became 50.

And these weren't just any sticks. Flarrow decided to manufacture a special "Support Our Troops" model: a flame-red hardwood shaft reinforced with fiberglass, graphite and Kevlar to ensure that the blade could stand the abuse.

"I thought it would be kind of neat if we did a special stick," said Denis Flarrow, owner of Flarrow Hockey. "It would mean more to the troops."

Flarrow then decided to take it one step further, producing 10,000 of the special "S.O.T. 2000" hockey sticks, emblazoned with the words "Support Our Troops" near the blade of the stick.

It brings a tear to my eye. Great job, Flarrow.