Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pastor of Genocide released from prison.

Is there any justice in the world? Why should this man go free?

The Seventh Day Adventist clergyman was accused of personally driving Hutu attackers to places where Tutsis had taken refuge.


As a respected member of the Seventh Adventist Day Church, some fellow clergymen hiding in the complex sent him a letter begging him for help.

The letter asked him as a man of God to intercede.

"We wish to inform you that tomorrow, we will be killed along with our families," it read.

Instead, the pastor transported the attackers to the hospital complex and also ordered the roof of a church ripped off, so that the unarmed men, women and children inside could be more easily killed.

Emphasis mine.

And may I emphasize that I think this guy deserves a sound beating. And I'm sure the lions in the plains of Rwanda would enjoy feasting on his flesh.