Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A fine idea

This is a fantastic move by the Conservatives in Ottawa,

Parliament to vote Wednesday on extending Afghanistan mission

Reminiscent of what the Republicans did when Rep. Jack Murtha (D) uttered his now infamous "bring the troops home, now" speech.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has been quietly feeling out opposition parties for the better part of a week about their willingness to have a debate on re-deploying Canadian troops after Canada’s role officially ends in the war-torn country in February 2007. But numerous sources in several parties confirmed that the Tories put an offer on the table late last night that will see members of Parliament debate the mission Wednesday evening and vote on whether to stay in Afghanistan until 2009, or pull the country’s 2,000 troops out early next year.

This will show us exactly how much the members of the New Democratic and Liberal parties "support" our troops.

Support for the mission has wavered in recent weeks, and doubts are increasing with anticipation that more Canadians will be coming home from the war on terror in body bags.

We're battling a group of death-loving tyrants and brutes who cheer loudly when roadside bombs kill children, and who strap bombs to their bodies and explode themselves in marketplaces. Unfortunately, these bastards "win" the odd battle and we lose one or two of our own, but we need to make sure they do not win the war.

The Liberals, who sent Canadian soldiers to Afghanistan shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, are in the midst of a leadership race and are deeply divided on the issue.

The New Democrats are the party most likely to oppose redeployment. NDP foreign affairs critic Alexa McDonough has just returned from Afghanistan and will present a preliminary report on the Canadian mission to her caucus on Wednesday, NDP sources said.

What better way than a free vote to see exactly how the members of the parties view the mission in Afghanistan?

"I think they’re working to artificial timelines that are driven by politics and not concern for soldiers on the ground, which is a little shocking," said one party source.


One thing is for certain.

I support our troops.