Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nucks' demise, or the break they needed?

Isn't it a shame Dan Cloutier's gone for the rest of the regular season (and perhaps for the playoffs)? Now Canucks management might actually have to go out and do something they've needed to do for years now, namely, to actually acquire a legitimate number one goaltender.

It's a little more than bewildering to me how so many fans in Vancouver have continued to put their faith in Cloutier, despite the fact that he's practically been to blame for the Canucks' playoff failure over the last three seasons now. His playoff save percentage and goals against average have been dismal (the worst of all playoff goaltenders, in fact) in every year that he's participated. And just when you think he's going to put all that failure behind him, he comes down with an injury in the Nucks-Flames series of 2004.

And once again he's injured, and doubtless there are some blind fans out there who are still excited about the day when Cloutier will return. Well, as far as this Canucks fan is concerned, Cloutier need never come back. I'm hoping never to see Cloutier in a Canucks uniform ever again. But, knowing Canucks management, we'll continue to suffer with Cloutier's physical fragility and mental instability until Jesus comes back again.

(Temujin's Note, 7:11pm Tuesday December 13 - Jesus is not coming back.)