Friday, June 24, 2005

A good dilemna

You know the Jays are making positive gains when TSN is reporting:

Unless Hill falls off drastically, unlikely considering his excellent plate discipline and compact swing, the Jays will have six infielders for four positions and the DH spot once Koskie comes back.

Italics mine, and happily so. Currently, the Jays are five back of the Wild Card, and 5.5 back of the AL East Lead (although they lost to the Nats tonight, so that could change). Sadly, they have been just about the most inconsistent team to watch this year, but I am still optimistic. any GM would love to have the dilemna JP Ricciardi has right now: an abundance of good quality, young infielders. Nothing wrong with that.

I heard something about the NHL and NHLPA having more meetings or something. Does anybody still pay attention to that? There are plenty of other sports to keep a brother interested, including the MLB.

Ye gads, did I just type that? Why, yes I did.

Watch the Jays for a couple of weeks after the All-Star Break. We'll know then if they are in the hunt, or in the tank.