Monday, May 30, 2005

Hero's Quest

There's this guy...

and his quest is to enjoy a tasty beverage in one thousand bars in 2005.

A man worthy of honor!

A man who has too much time on his hands!

I must confess, I am a little jealous of this guy. Sounds at first that his year is going to be one big party. His liver is not going to be very impressed with him.
Three drinks per day (on average in order to meet his goal) sounds like a lot. I'm not a heavy drinker though, and three or four glasses of wine can get me feeling real goofy real quick. Obviously, I'm just jealous of the perceived lifestyle. Who wouldn't like to spend their days planning which bars they will hit?

One of my favorite booze-association games is the "case-per-round". Round of golf, that is. You take an eighteen pack of your favorite brew, and consume one can per hole. My brother tried it once, and by the time he got to the back nine, his clubs felt like a 100lb barbell. A friend and I tried a modified version one time, but petered out after the fifth hole. Like say, I'm not a heavy drinker. By the time I got to the 18th though, it was a sad sight to see. I was still shooting fairly straight, and as I recall I bogeyed the final hole, but it wasn't pretty.

That's the only time my friend has beaten me in golf. And as I later found out, he didn't even match my number of drinks consumed.

Shouldn't I get a handicap increase for that? Maybe I actually won that game.